100 Ways 😍 💋 👫 💐 😍 to Make Love!

In Honor of Valentines Day - A FAN Favorite!!!

I wrote this in honor of a special person in my life, (who I hope is resting in peace!), who used to tell me "Baby... there's 100 Ways to Make Love." And then he said "Baby.. I've made love to over 100 Women!" Which you just know.. kind of threw me back a bit, but then the Woman in me stood up and said "Well then, I expect fireworks!" I mean really! LOL

So sit on back with a nice glass of your favorite celebratory love beverage and fall into this seductive groove! Or as a matter of fact.... you just might wanna get up and take your lover in your arms for a nice belly to belly Valentines dance!

💘 Happy Valentine's Day everyone!

(Lyrics below!)

Filmed in Oregon City, at the famous Trails End Saloon by Ron Beatteay, this version features Ryan Enstrom on bass, Rob Slideboy on rhythm and lead, Scotty B on Harp and Chris Leighton on drums and yours truly on the crazy lazy vocals!

100 Ways To Make Love

(Lyrics from the live performance)

Well there's 100 Ways to Make Love

Baby there's 100 Ways to Make Love

When you touch me, sometimes I swear it's comin' from the good Lord above

Well there's 100 Ways to Make Love

I wake up in the morning and I see you sleepin'

Whoa oh... my hands start ta creepin'

There's 100 Ways to Make Love

Up your legs, around your hips

I just gotta wrap around with a good morning kiss

There's 100 Ways to Make Love

(That's what he said)

When I feel the wind blow

Goosebumps on my skin

I know it's "him" comin' 'round to start me up again

Makin' me remember, not lettin' me forget

All the ways of Love between a Woman and a Man

There's 100 Ways to Make Love

Even on his dyin' bed he said "Baby don't forget"

100 child, to make love

You see it ain't all about sex, or none of that porn

It's as simple as holdin' hands or snugglin' up to keep warm

When I look into your eyes, nuzzle into your neck

Ouu you best believe, you better believe you bet

There's 100 Ways to Make Love (That's what he said)

There's 100 child... ways to Make Love

I watch you walk, I hear your voice

I smell your skin and let me tell you my mouth gets moist

I brush your hair, and I scratch your back

I feet your feet and my legs get weak

100 child.. to make love

100 Ways to Make Love

(Gimme sumthin' Rob)

We lay out on the grass underneath a full moon

When I hear your heartbeat I begin to swoon

You can't count um on your fingers

Even if you add your toes

You can make love all your life and never even come close

To all the ways to make love

Well there's 100 Ways to Make Love

Baby there's 100 to make love

Let me looks into your eyes

Maybe pull a little bit of that hair

And if you don't have no hair

Let me get out my oil

Let me rub up on that backside Papa

Maybe side my fingers up the back of your thigh - ROB'S FACE HERE IS PRICELESS!!! 😹

Chew on that calf muscle

Maybe I'll just lay next to ya, lay next to ya, have ya hold me

Yah 100, to make love

100 maybe 1000 ways to make love

100 maybe 10,000 ways to make love

100 to make love

100 Ways to Make Love

(Yah that's what he said.... )

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