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Ahh Cee Cee James!  You are indeed a rare talent - a gifted songwriter, superb vocalist, and a compassionate human being.  You and your husband, Rob “Slideboy” Andrews, are delivering some of the best blues

rock around.

And you made me love you all over again.

—Bill Graham on

Stripped Down & Surrendered

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Our songs tell stories. 

Lyrics spinning all of life down into the depths of loss, success, failure, joy, loneliness, challenges in love, work, health, dreams, addiction - and then back up again into the lessons, the rising above,

the HELLACIOUS HEALING that finds it's way into the marrow of our bones.  

The Chinese saying:  "May You Have An Interesting Life," in the end, is a life full... a life lived... a life fired by pain severe enough to break open the steel walls around the tender vulnerability of our hearts.  

We have walked such a life and our songs tell the tales.

We write them for you, and for us, embedding the stories into

Music That Takes You Into The Depths of Soul Alchemy.



From Track 6 - Love Done Left Home

"Complacency loves company while loneliness cries,

"hold me, won't ya love me" but love don't hear nothin'

'cause Love Done Left Home, no love don't hear nothin'

'cause Love Done Left Home..."

                    SERIOUSLY RAW

From Track 3 - Gimmie Back My Wig

"Yah, what you doin' Papa, I see ya sneakin' in

in & gettin' my blond wig when I'm sleepin' -

puttin' it on - lookin' in the mirror sayin' "

Ouu, I gotta shave,

can't go out in a wig with a beard...."


From Track 9 - Wounds

"Old wise man tells you this, all those wounds are gonna take you to your bliss, they never heal, but therein lies the honest heart takes years to gain, all its beauty lives within its scars and its ache, brings your soul, into that humble truthful place.... 

Oh.. oh... Wounds..."


From Track 12 -  When People Change

"Flowers and weeds, sun and clouds, oh blue sky open up where I'm closed, and I will go below my skin to search for and throw away my stones.  People people loving people, you know that's what we need, you know you know that love believes...

When People Change..."


From Track 3 - Love Makes Change

"Love makes change, change makes pain, like a broken umbrella layin' out in the rain.  Ah but when it calls, pack your bags and go, you got to trust and put your faith in what your heart knows, cause that pain oh child is gonna open up, open up your soul...

Love Makes Change..."

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