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Revealing her dark side is a means of relaying her main message:  Love makes us stronger, but most of us have to undergo struggles to really appreciate it. You hear this loud and clear in “Glory Bound” and “So Grateful.


There’s no denying her compassion. She is completely unpretentious.

—Jim Hynes on Stripped Down  Surrendered

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Cee Cee James is an internationally known  'performance artist extraordinaire' in her well honed craft of giving the depth of ache and vulnerability in her original Roots/Blues Musical Performances.  After 4 successful award winning CD's, two singles and touring many places within the U.S. and Europe, she has discovered the essence of what her 'MISSION' has been about throughout the journey to 'now.' 


Cee Cee's performance 'claim to fame' with her Fans  has been RAW & REAL which has been the key into every heart.   There is no pretense. There is no posing.   There is no perfection.  What there is, is a bare aching human vulnerability and understanding of the 'journey' we are all on within the stories in the songs, and within the understanding heart flowing through her voice whether in concert, giving a talk or workshop, or sitting in a personal on on one session.

Cee Cee's lyrics and performances all reflect this truth, this knowing, this reality, and in the core of it all is


'Surrendering, Opening, Unblocking Love." 


DRIVEN from birth to perform, sing, and give the fire in her soul... DRIVEN by self-seeking motives from wounds that produced deep insecurities, life never unfolded like Cee Cee thought it should! Awards, reviews, touring the U.S. and Europe, AND STILL no 'just rewards' so it seemed. Enveloped in a life of ignorant self-centered fear and unhappiness on all levels including infidelity and addiction, Cee Cee was graced to FINALLY reach surrender and the 'truth.'  Her songs and writings hold the stories, the keys, the lessons, the growth. Now the path has turned inward unleashing and exposing all as she shares the messages and lessons, working to ALLOW LOVE to guide her every move, her every thought, every word spoken. “A constant work in progress,” she exclaims! Ah but aren’t we all. We invite you to share in the journey, to hear your own story in Cee Cee’s giving. You’ll laugh, cry, sit silent, and most of all ‘

feel’ the love and raw vulnerability of a ‘FIRED HEART’

gushing out of this woman’s voice.




Rob "Slideboy" Andrews is the AIR sign of Aquarius that blows on the Sagittarius FIRE of Cee Cee James and fuels the songwriting engine that has produced 3 full length CD's of their original compositions.


Coming together in 2005 the two would write and produce their first CD LOW DOWN WHERE THE SNAKES CRAWL in 2008, followed by BLOOD RED BLUES in 2012 and STRIPPED DOWN & SURRENDERED IN 2016.  An impressive feat for Andrews who had never written a song and barely knew how to play the guitar before 2006.  Rob had previously played bass for 35 years in the Bay area for such greats as Luther Tucker, Filmore Slim, John Byrd of Quicksilver, and Derek Davis of Babalon AD.  He also had a 5-1/2 year stint with Detroit Frank Dumont and his band DRIVIN' WHEELS with Dave Maxwell on Piano, Duke Jethro on Hammond Organ, and Bruce Lamentia on Drums


In 2004, he relocated to the Northwest and fell prey to an accident that caused him to pick up the guitar and lay down the bass.  A lucky stroke indeed for Cee Cee who had needed a strong intuitive songwriting partner to

lay down the musical beds onto which she could dance her lyrical teachings and stories of life. 


Rob"Slideboy" Andrews plays impressive rhythm, slide, and lead guitar and is a humble, kind, patient individual who has dedicated his life to this 'artistic service' leaving listeners with a respect for his talent and his wonderful playful interaction with Cee Cee as they whirl the magic of life through their songs and their love for one another.



Cee Cee James
You will see many online videos of Cee Cee & Rob performing Duo and in full band lineups.  Currently they are only performing as a POWERFUL Duo.



















Well known for her powerful and raw vocal delivery and heartfelt songwriting, STRIPPED DOWN & SURRENDERED shows us a new side of this talented performer.  I give this CD my very highest recommendation.


Washington Blues Society


This is no slick performer, but a very real 'every-woman' who reveals her humanity, her strengths and weaknesses, her deepest secrets and inner emotions

to the audience.

~ LINDA CAIN, Chicago Blues Guide


Dynamic. Thought provoking. Attracts new members and press. Musical expertise, theological impact and flexibility to fit

all beliefs... all first rate.

Highly recommended.


UU Fellowship of Grants Pass


This woman is a rarity…the real deal.

Powerful. Big guitar tones and expertise from Rob Andrews sound integral to the vocals, much like Hubert Sumlin's contribution to Howlin' Wolf's discography.


“Cee Cee showed me how to sing from my soul.” “I never knew anything about writing a song before, but now I found out “even I can do it!”



“The blues has always been about pain and joy, Cee Cee is a powerful story teller about both.”

“Powerful and compassionate.

A great band. A fun night out ..

with a message too.”



Spectacular yet intimate, Cee Cee James, paired with Andrews' talent on the slide guitar, draws in listeners with an

emotive voice that hits the gut like

a warm shot of whiskey.




If you've never heard of Cee Cee James, I promise that once you do, you won't soon forget her. One of the most powerful vocalists you'll hear, she's also a gifted songwriter, using her life's experiences as a template for most of her songs....


Friday Blues Fix



The listener can smoothly absorb a whole host of influences, not complacency. The sound is surprisingly both "roots" but "smooth" without the roughness.

Simplicity, sincerity and talent

a very pleasant discovery!


Soul Bag - France



A Cee Cee James Workshop on writing our own music and poetry, a concert, and a shared Sunday service - preacher and rootsy/blues singer sharing radical honesty. She’s easy, adaptable, and professional. I encourage you to invite her into your venue to explore and enjoy the raw and honest soulfulness.


Writer & Retired Minister








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