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Her remarkable skills at crafting lyrics is certainly at the top of her game with her latest release, Stripped Down & Surrendered, which Blues Music Magazine’s Don Wilcock named as one of his top ten releases of 2016.


“This time she faces her demons straight on and brings hard blues to a new bar height,” claims Wilcock.

—Greg Slim Lively Johnson on

Stripped Down & Surrendered

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Cascade Blues Association



Cee Cee James & THE MISSION OF S.O.U.L.


Currently offered as a DUO with Cee Cee James on Vocals and Rob "Slideboy" Andrews on Guitar, together they are The MISSION OF S.O.U.L.!  Rob holds down the strong, steady & deep rhythm fueling the engine which allows Cee Cee to spin the magic of her lyrical life stories, using all manner of vocal tone and expression. Their performance is tailored and fine tuned to the audience. Intense, soft, heavy, or light, Cee Cee and Rob flow with the energies in the room.  Their MISSION is one of S.O.U.L.: To ignite, share and give, opening up their Souls in the GROOVE OF IT ALL and inviting you to do the same!


Located near Asheville, Cee Cee & The MISSION OF S.O.U.L. tour out of their regional area from time to time and would be grateful to add your venue to their tour schedule. Please keep them in mind for special occasions, private house gatherings, and referrals to others.

Thank you kindly.



Cee Cee will work with you personally on S.O.U.L. "Surrendering, Opening, Unblocking Love."  

These sessions are personalized to assist

with emotional and spiritual blockages.




~ Inside the Song Series

~ Birth of the Higher Self

~ Soup, Song & S.O.U.L. Circle

~ Womb-an Cave

~ How to Sing the Blues


Cee Cee works in helping others in "Surrendering, Opening, Unblocking Love" through her

MISSION OF S.O.U.L. Workshops.  


"Inside the Song Series" is themed upon a story/ message from one of Cee Cee’s song lyrics. Workshop participants will EXPLORE expression in prose, poetry, lyric or free form writing based on the lyric theme surrendering and opening from the depths - ache, joy, pain, love, yearning or humor, we work together to release what is BOUND and BURIED.


"Birth of the Higher Self" takes the workshop participant into their personal deep, dark and musty places of  composted experiences and lessons, to find the unbirthed 'self.'  We explore how, when, where, and why we MUST give birth to this higher self.


"Soup, Song & S.O.U.L. Circle" is a potluck soup gathering with workshop participants sitting in circle singing along with Cee Cee and Rob as they perform select songs from their CD's, based on the workshop theme requested.  Includes interactive 'growth' discussion and exercises in regards to S.O.U.L.


"Womb-an Cave" will call to the Woman who needs to retreat in-to the womb of creative hibernation to find the diamonds of her life that need to be given to her people, her children, her community.  A workshop to help the 'too busy with life' Woman get back to, or discover her creative cave.


"How To Sing the Blues" Learn how to stand up and sing yer blues!  Cee Cee has over 20 years experience of singing and performing and knows how to sing the blues inside and out.  She can teach you how to tap into your own goldmine of life and begin to free your soul by singin' yer blues!





Introduction for the "National Alliance To End Veteran Suicide" Benefit.
Cee Cee is available to give talks on a variety of subjects usually in regards to the interweaving of life and its affect on us emotionally, spiritually and physically.  Her own life experience is the backdrop and the very thing that reaches in and touches her audiences who appreciate her honest vulnerable sharing. 
She will adapt her talk to your event and what the particular need is, whether it's a celebration of life, a tribute, a fundraiser, a convention, a spiritual venue, or any gathering where you need a speaker. 
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Mix and Match!  Book a Concert and a Workshop! 
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