October 20, 2019

In a few days, it will be the Anniversary of my Sister's Journey Home  Its taken me this long to come to some sort of inherent truth in it all.. and to put it down on paper.  I'm sure there will be a song coming but it has not arrived on the wings of the Phoenix as yet...

October 14, 2018

Just shy of one year ago, October 17th 2017, I walked into the hospital and had my left knee chopped up so they could install a new metal knee.   It all started when I was born with kneecaps that ride on the outside of the grooves they are supposed to ride in.  Through...

Once a year on Memorial Day, in Honor of our Vets, I share this song Rob and I wrote and recorded in Nashville, TN with Dan Mohler on bass, Jim Klingler on drums, Rickey Godfree on lead guitar and keys, and Rob on rhythm guitar.

The story of how it came about...

February 14, 2018

In Honor of Valentines Day - A FAN Favorite!!! 

I wrote this in honor of a special person in my life, (who I hope is resting in peace!), who used to tell me "Baby... there's 100 Ways to Make Love."  And then he said "Baby.. I've made love to over 100 Women!" Which you...

January 25, 2018

If you are a part of our 'SPECIAL Super Fan' Email List, you may remember this part:

The song title itself came to me as I lay out in the Death Valley Desert in California after I had climbed up above an old petrified lava flow and laid on the ground - (yah with my...

January 1, 2018

Here's How I'm Ringing IT IN!!!

Anthem song 2018!!!

In thinking about what song could truly represent how I want to FEEL and be in 2018, I kept hearing this song all day long!  
The lyrics are PERFECT!

This is one 'funkadelic' BLAST FROM THE PAST song from my award...

Please reload

Me... ?  Well I'm kind of a truth teller and I like to weave the stories of our lives in lyrics, poems, prose, and then finesse the hell out of it when I sing.  

I've been challenged again and again to live my truth and take on the lessons through pain.  Mostly pain of the heart.  Most Artists of any worth walk this path.  

I welcome you to read, contemplate and share your comments because I do believe we're all on this world stage together with that massive thing called Love as our Playright.

So let's give this precioius life we have one HELL of a Broadway run.... I mean, what is there really to loose?

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